Vocal Health

As a trained Vocologist (NCVS), I offer consultations for singers who have concerns about their vocal health, and post-rehabilitation work for singers who have experienced voice injury.

I believe all singers should be given the tools to not only sound amazing, but to build and sustain a healthy, reliable voice, that will get them through gig, after gig, after gig.

There are many contributors to a singer’s vocal wellbeing, and I work with singers to develop a plan for voice habilitation (keeping your voice healthy), or rehabilitation (returning to full vocal health), so they can meet the demands of their work and daily life.

Although voice disorders, injuries, and other voice issues can be very disheartening for singers and performers, the vast majority can be remedied with a combination of voice therapy with a qualified Speech Pathologist and remedial voice lessons with a trained vocologist, and there is very frequently no need for surgical intervention.

Post-injury work is always done in conjunction with other voice care professionals such as ENT Specialists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Physiotherapists and more. I am able to recommend the most appropriate medical professionals for you in your area and help you build your voice care team.

If you have experienced a voice injury, or have been diagnosed with a voice disorder, returning to singing can sometimes be daunting. Once cleared by your medical team to continue singing, I will work with you to apply the exercises and strategies you have learned in Speech Therapy to your singing voice, and to develop your singing technique to help maintain optimal vocal health.

I undertake regular professional development, including having completed the Summer Vocology Institute under the tutelage of Dr Ingo Titze, you can rest assured that my work is always backed up by current voice science.

If you have any concerns about your vocal health, require a vocal health assessment or would like to learn how to keep your voice in tip-top condition, please visit my Contact page, or email info@emmakatewilson.com to book your vocal health consultation now.