Voice Lessons

I strongly believe that everyone can sing, and more importantly, that everyone should sing! 

I am particularly passionate about working with professional and emerging professional singers to help them find longevity and sustainability in their singing career. 


You will learn how to achieve the sound you want, using evidence-based contemporary singing techniques, from a highly qualified and experienced contemporary voice teacher.

You will acquire the tools to not only sound amazing, but to build and sustain a healthy, reliable voice, that will get you through gig, after gig, after gig.

You will study with a highly trained voice professional who has a deep understanding of voice science, voice pedagogy, motor learning and education theory, and vocology. I have studied extensively in this field, and am constantly keeping up with new information, so that my teaching is evidence based, and tailored to you. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to voice!

Your first lesson will include a vocal assessment, where I will work with you to determine the strengths and weaknesses within your singing, discuss any vocal health issues, and make a plan to help you achieve your singing goals.

You will learn how to warm up and exercise your voice well, and how to practice effectively.

Singing is a full body skill, and as such lessons involve significant body work to help develop your singing. Drawing from knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as somatic techniques such as Body Mapping and Alexander Technique, I will work with you to help balance your body, allowing you to sing more freely and expressively.

Lessons run for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, and weekly attendance is strongly recommended. Lessons are available either in-person or online via Zoom (free video conferencing software).


While I welcome all ages and experience levels into the studio, my time is limited and the majority of my private studio availability is dedicated to professional and aspiring/emerging professional singers.
Although I love teaching all ages, my specialty is working with adults. 

I have experience working with singers and professional voice users who have sustained vocal injury, and am very passionate about helping these students rehabilitate their voices and retrain their vocal technique to avoid the recurrence of these injuries.

This work is always done in collaboration with a Speech and Language Pathologist and an ENT Specialist. Read more about Vocal Health Consultations here.

Many of my students are or have gone on to become professional musicians, singer/songwriters, musical theatre performers, actors and singing teachers. Students have also been accepted to tertiary music and musical theatre courses at the Queensland Conservatorium, NIDA Sydney, Queensland University of Technology, Southbank Institute of Tafe, and JMC Academy.

Singing is a very personal skill, and I believe it is essential that students ‘click’ with their singing teacher. As such, I will very happily recommend another qualified and experienced teacher to students who may require a different approach to my own.


I have completed a Masters of Music Studies in Vocal Pedagogy from the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, studying under expert contemporary voice teacher and lecturer Dr Irene Bartlett. This included singing lessons, hands on teaching practice, research, and significant coursework covering vocal pedagogy, anatomy and physiology of the voice, and voice science. During my studies I was proud to receive a Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence.

I am one of only a handful of trained Vocologists in Australia, having completed the Summer Vocology Institute through the National Centre for Voice and Speech in the USA.

I also hold a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Voice Performance from Queensland University of Technology.

I am an active member of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS) (Current Qld Chapter President, and National Board Member), and the Australian Voice Association (AVA), and frequently attend workshops and conferences to update and extend my knowledge of the voice.
I have been teaching private voice lessons since 2008, and currently also teach tertiary music performance and songwriting students at JMC Academy.


My studio is located at Browning Street Studios, 17 Browning St, South Brisbane, Qld.
The studio is spacious and soundproofed, with a digital piano, microphone, and PA system. 
Lessons are also available online, via zoom. Please get in touch if you would like more information about online lessons.


I currently teach in South Brisbane between approximately 12:00pm – 8:00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

I am currently very heavily booked, and have only minimal availability for new students.  Please feel free to get in touch to enquire about availability, and if your enquiry cannot be accommodated, I am very happy to recommend another suitable teacher in the area who may be suitable for you.
Please visit my Contact page if you have any further questions, or to book in your first lesson!


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Please visit my Contact page, or email info@emmakatewilson.com for all enquiries or lesson bookings.